Cayin N6ii T01 Audio Modulem (In Stock)

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The T01 is designed around the PCM-1792 DAC chipset from Texas Instrument. Each Audio Motherboard deploys two DAC chipset in current output. The fully differential amplification circuit compromise of 4 channels I/V Converter and four OPA1622 as headphone amplifier in parallel, offering up to 245mW into 32Ω unbalanced and 530mW balanced. The Volume control of T01 is conducted in analogue domain through two PGA2311A, digitally controlled analogue volume control microprocessor.

T01 is a tribute to N6, the first Cayin DAP that dated all the way back to Dec 2014. This is a significant advancement from Cayin N6 and N6mod audio circuit. T01 will decode PCM up to 24Bit/192kHz and DSD64. It can provide up to 8.5 hours continuous playback on single-ended phone out, and around 7.5 hours on balanced phone out.

Dual PCM1792A DAC chip

Hardware decode DSD up to DSD256, PCM up to 24Bit/192kHz

Dual low-noise, high precision digitally controlled stereo analogue volume control PGA2311U

Parallel headphone amplification with Four OPA1622, provides up to 530mW per channel at 32Ω loading

Fully differential design with quadruple premium grade I/V converters

User adjustable 4.4mm and 3.5mm line out output level