Cowon Plenue 2 - 4.4mm & 2.5mm balanced. Custom Plenue 2

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Cowon Plenue 2 - 4.4mm & 2.5mm balanced.

Cowon Plenue 2 (P2) High Resolution 'World's Finest DAC' 128GB Music Player

The PLENUE 2 offers an unprecedented level of audio that delivers an unforgettable listening experience. The latest premium DAC AK4497EQ for optimized audio quality, SoundPlus amplifier integrated with newly improved technologies, Dual Control Wheels re-designed for the ultimate user experience, ultra-precise Dual TCXO for accurate and detailed sound reproduction, balanced output for clear, high-quality sound, and upgraded design to match its powerful performance. Sweeping changes using innovative technologies. Experiencing the performance of PLENUE 2 leaves audiophiles and casual listeners alike in awe.

Latest premium DAC with ultra-high quality

Equipped with the latest AK4497EQ DAC, AKM's state-of-the-art premium solution based on VELVET SOUND technology, which reduces noise and distortion to a minimum and boosts the performance of audio DAC to the highest level. With six digital filters that can be micro tuned, it can tune the original sound to perfection, offering near-unparalleled sound quality.

World-class audio performance

With a Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 123dB, Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise of 0.0005%, and Stereo Crosstalk of -139dB, it boasts a remarkable level of acoustic performance.

Outstanding Output Power

Equipped with TI's upgraded SoundPlus high-performance amplifiers, its driving performance has become more powerful, allowing it to support high impedance high resolution headphones without the need for separate headphone amplifiers. It is optimally compatible with any receiver, allowing users to enjoy more complete sound in a wide range of frequencies.

VELVET SOUND Core Technology

AKM's latest AK4497EQ DAC is a high-end, high-performance premium solution for the AK4490 DAC, which has been adopted in leading high-end audio equipment. With the so-called 'VELVET SOUND' technology, which reduces the noise and distortion of the sound to a minimum and boosts the performance of the audio DAC to the extreme, it has the best sound quality that faithfully realizes a high-resolution sound source.

Equipped with AK4497EQ DAC with specifications and functions for high-end audio equipment, Plenue 2 supports playback of up to 24bit/192kHz lossless and uncompressed files as well as DXD and DSD.

New standards for analogue wheels - Dual control wheel

The Plenue 2 features new analogue control wheels that offer a tactile way to control your music, from volume to control other analogue functions. To prevent unwanted manipulation when placed in a pocket, the wheels have been placed on the top, allowing easy access to control the volume and various functions.

The multi-wheel on the left-hand side can conveniently control functions related to music listening and operation.

The volume wheel on the right side allows you to fine-tune the volume of a total of 140 steps in 0.5 dB increments, making it easy to adjust the volume.

The round LED light on the bottom of the wheel gives the P2 a more luxurious feel by subtly displaying the operational status of the device in two colours: white and red.

Perfectly Accurate, Ultra Precision Dual TCXO Clock

The sampling rate of a player can fluctuate due to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. To reduce this effect the Plenue 2 uses the Ultra Precision Dual Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) Clock with an exceptional Phase Jitter 1.0ps allowing the P2 to perform flawlessly in any situation.

High quality balanced output

Balanced output adds 'reverse phase signal' to the unbalanced output signal, effectively blocking the noise generated during signal transmission. In addition, because the two signals are transmitted, the output becomes stronger, and it has the advantage of reproducing high-resolution sound sources more clearly.

Tune the physical limits of time and space

World-renowned professional sound control JetEffect 7 built in. Speakers, headphones, and earphones tend to delay the high-frequency band more than the low-frequency band, even if the sound is original.

JetEffect 7 & BBE+ compensates for this phenomenon so it reproduces with vivid original sound like a real live performance, and this sophisticated sound compensation and compensation control provides the best quality for HD Sound. You can freely adjust 10 band EQ Filter, BBE+, Reverb, Chorus etc. which can adjust sound according to each frequency. A total of 66 pre-sets including 16 user pre-sets enable precise tone control according to your preference. The BBE+ with phase correction enables crisp, dense sound close to the live sound of the original recording. No matter what environment you listen in, whatever receiver you use or whatever the genre of music you listen to, JetEffect 7 gives you the best hi-fi sound.

Premium leather case to enhance elegance

Plenue 2's premium leather case uses the finest natural cowhide to protect the product more safely and adds a stunning stitch point to the fascinating black body, enhancing the elegance of Plenue 2.


Latest AK4497EQ DAC with 'VELVET Sound' technology

Balanced 4.4mm headphone out & Balanced 2.5mm output

128GB of internal memory, expandable up to 512GB via micro SD card

BBE+ & JetEffect 7