Cowon Plenue 2 MKII (Sold Out)

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Cowon Plenue 2 MKII (P2MK2) Hi Res DAP

Featuring the best sound and perfect impression of PLENUE 2, PLENUE 2 MKII has returned with twice the capacity and more powerful output.

Combining distinctive, stylish colors and smart AI functions, PLENUE 2 MKII fills your music life.

256GB of Internal Memory Can Be Expanded to 512GB

The PLENUE 2 MKII includes 256GB of high-speed internal storage with support for up to 512GB of expanded storage via microSD card slot. 256GB means you can store as many as 2500 songs (24bit/192kHz, over 100MB per source) in internal memory.

AI Functions Make PLENUE 2 MKII Smarter

To make your listening experience more comfortable and convenient, PLENUE 2 MKII had to be smarter. Some song volumes are too high or low. The PLENUE 2 MKII's AI function handles these situations with ease.

AI Volume continuously normalizes volume levels of sound files played more than once. You no longer have to adjust the volume of each of your songs.

AI shuffle conveniently changes the playback order of songs. It even analyzes and arranges playlist positions according to your preferences.

With AI JetEffect function, Cowon's sound field technology "JetEffect" automatically matches presets that are best suited to each source file. PLENUE 2 MKII's AI functions automatically adjust the settings so your favorite tunes are played exactly the way you like them.

Long Playback Hours and Powerful Output

PLENUE 2 MKII now delivers 10.5 hours of clear, powerful sound with perfectly balanced output of 3.24 Vrms.

Stable, high quality sounds made a lot stronger system tolerance

Glamorous Jupiter Gold

Aesthetics are always important and the Jupiter Gold color adds elegance to the PLENUE 2 MKII's charm.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of all Cowon products and the PLENUE 2 MKII's posh Jupiter Gold color heightens its distinctive look and feel.

Dignis Premium Leather Case

Dignis, the epitome of premium leather cases, is standard equipment on the PLENUE 2 MKII.

Genuine Italian Minerva leather from BADALASSI CARLO, a tannery with more than 40 years of experience. Minerva leather is carefully crafted to produce a natural luster and unique style that age only deepens.

A certificate "Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana" of authenticity is included verifying that the leather was produced by a member tannery of the Italian Vera Pelle Association.


256GB of Internal Memory Can Be Expanded to 512GB

Improved stereo crosstalk and balanced output

10.5 hours of playback, 3 hours to charge

JetEffect 7 special audio effects, including banks for 16 user presets


Ultra-precise dual TCXO clock

Connections: one 2.5mm balanced output, and one 3.5mm earphone jack/optical output