Cowon Plenue L (Sold Out)

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Pleasure, Plenty, Plenum, Avenue, Continue, and New

These words exemplify the PLENUE brand and represent our desire to become the best brand that leads music aficionados to a world where every moments is filled with unforgettable impressions provided by music.

PLENUE will be the destination to which all avenues of music lead.


An Instrument, Not a Device


Equipped with the latest ultra-high-quality ES9038PRO DAC of the ESS SABRE PRO series, the PLENUE L delivers the widest sound stage and realizes every minute detail to produce the ultimate in sound. The PLENUE L comes to you with a sense of wonder, bringing with it 32bit, 384 kHz high-resolution sound as well as beauty and ruggedness reminiscent of the brass section of a classical symphony orchestra.

  • DXD : Up to 352.8/384kHz
  • DSD Native : Up to DSD256
  • SNR : 125dB Unbalance / 128dB Balance
  • THD+N : 0.0004% Unbalance / 0.0005% Balance (24bit, 32bit)
  • Stereo Crosstalk : -133dB Unbalance / -144dB Balance
  • Output : 2.1Vrms Unbalance / 4.0Vrms Balance
  • Output Impedance : 0.9Ω Unbalance / 1.8Ω Balance
  • Playback Time : Approximately 9 hours (MP3, 128kbps)


Cutting-Edge ES9038PRO SABRE DAC for 32bit 384 kHz Ultra-High Resolution

As the flagship product of ESS Technology, the ES9038PRO DAC boasts the highest level of performance in the SABRE PRO series of DACs. Unlike other DACs designed specifically for mobile devices, the ES9038PRO is a high-performance DAC meeting the latest in SABRE PRO specifications and targeted toward professional recording studios, premium home theaters, and audio enthusiasts. It vividly reproduces sound closest to the original source, including 32bit, 384 kHz lossless/uncompressed and native DSD256 and DXD sources.


HyperStream II & 8-Channel Internal Quad DAC

The ES9038PRO DAC incorporates the latest 32-bit HyperStream II technology from ESS, delivering the best dynamic range in the industry and a highly-pure sound by realizing an extremely-low THD+N value even at low-amplitude signals. An 8-channel internal quad-DAC separates the eight channels for precise sound control, and each channel is converted via the four internal DACs to deliver a clear, noise-canceled signal so that you can enjoy a perfect sound close to the original source


Rich, Clear Sound via High-Quality 4.4mm Balanced Output

The 4.4mm balanced output, the new standard in high-fidelity audio, supports richer output than the conventional 3.5mm unbalanced output. Greater left-right channel separation prevents crosstalk between left and right audio signals to deliver a very clear, realistic sound without distortion or loss. Balanced output effectively blocks noise generated when signals are transmitted by adding 'out of phase' signals to unbalanced output signals. Since it transmits two types of signals simultaneously, the PLENUE L strengthens the output signal for clearer and crisper reproduction of original sound. The PLENUE L uses 4.4mm balanced output to reproduce crisp original sounds.


The Best Audio Quality SNR 128dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Balanced Output 4.05Vrms

The amazing specifications of the PLENUE L include SNR 128dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Stereo Crosstalk -144dB, and Balanced Output 4.05Vrms which are the result of our decades of audio experience and passion for perfection. The PLENUE L was created through our relentless effort to deliver perfect sound quality to listeners anytime and anywhere.


Faithful to Original Sound Support Native DSD up to DSD256

DSD(Direct Stream Digital) is a high quality Super Audio CD format that processes signals at 2.8224MHz per bit. The technology carries the maximum sound information possible to reproduce the delicate and crisp sound of analog. To realize the best possible sound quality, the PLENUE L reproduces DSD in Native method without PCM conversion and supports DSD256(Quad rate DSD), the highest frequency among all DSD formats.


High-Gloss, High-Strength Hybrid Metal Alloy Micro Polish Alloy Metal

The PLENUE L boasts a hybrid metal alloy body reinforced with high-strength materials and heat treatment that is precision-machined via CNC. Its high-gloss finish, a visualization of the magnificent sound of brass instruments, is realized through experts in special micro-polishing (buffing) and anodizing to match the high sound quality with equally premium materials.

  • Model Name: PLENUE L
  • Built-in Memory: 256GB
  • External Memory: microSD SDXC
  • Display: 3.7 in AMOLED Touch Display
  • Resolution: 480 x 800
  • Case: Micro Polished Alloy Metal, Carved Glass
  • Buttons: Power, Play/pause, FF, Rew, Multi Button, Multi Wheel, Volume Wheel
  • CPU: ARM Cortex A9 1.2GHz Dual-Core
  • Track Information: CUE sheet, SACD ISO (2Ch)
  • Lyrics: LRC, LDB, Lyrics3, ID3 Tag Lyrics (Time Information Yes/No)
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 4..6 x 0.6 in (6.7 x 11.9 x 1.6 cm)
  • Weight: 7 oz (199 g)


  • DAC: ES9038PRO
  • SNR: 125dB Unbalance, 128dB Balance
  • THD+N: 0.0004% Unbalance, 0.0005% Balance (24bit, 32bit)
  • Stereo Crosstalk: -133dB Unbalance, -144dB Balance
  • Output: 2.1Vrms Unbalance, 4.0Vrms Balance
  • Output Impedance: 0.9Ω Unbalance, 1.8Ω Balance
  • Volume: 140 Levels
  • Clock: Precision Clock Dual TCXO (Phase Jitter 1.0ps)