Focal Clear MG Professional (Sold Out)

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Exceptional Professional Headphones
Focal - 'Clear MG Professional'


PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE HEADPHONESFocal is famed across their globe for the reference-grade monitoring speakers, and now, this world-beating expertise has been transferred to the headphone realm. Focal’s ‘Clear MG Professional’ circumaural open-back studio headphones sport the company’s proprietary M-shaped magnesium domes, which offer staggering dynamic response and the stunning ability to reproduce the even the most minute nuances in your mix across the whole frequency spectrum.

The Clear MG Professional from Focal transcends the shortcomings which are often commonplace when mixing with headphones, such as mixes tending not to translate all too well when listening back to your work on speakers. When you mix with Clear MG Professional Open-Back reference headphones, you can make mixing decisions with confidence in the assurance that your mix will now sound the same, regardless of the playback system.

40mmDriver Size

5Hz-28kHzFrequency Response


AT A GLANCE• Fully open-back professional mixing headphones
• Balanced tonality across full frequency spectrum
• Precise articulation even at lower bass frequencies
• Includes 1.2 and 5m cables for variety of applications
• Rigid carry case including iLok storage nook
• Exceptional dynamic performance

Unmatched Comfort


PERFECT FOR THOSE LONG STUDIO SESSIONSComfort is a hugely important factor in the design process when creating a new monitoring headphone design. No matter how efficient they may be, if they hurt or become uncomfortable after a short while. This then leads to you becoming distracted and unable to carry out the work to the best of your ability. With this in mind, Focal focused heavily on the comfort aspect here.

To ensure optimal comfort, the design of the headband is designed in such a way to distribute the headphones weight evenly across your head, whilst the perforated microfiber used in the ear-cushions serve up a stupendously comfortable listening experience even over extended listening sessions.

Precision Stereo Imaging


A 'MUST-HAVE' FOR ENGINEERSThe design of the earcup works in a way as to amplify the user’s sense of spatialization to serve up a rich, broad and deep soundstage. The high-frequency reproduction accuracy required for such precision stereo imaging receives a hand from the ‘M’ shaped grille, which closely aligns with the contours of the driver. The end result of this incredible design and engineering is a monitoring experience with which you’ll likely forget you were ever wearing headphones.

Simply a must-have for the engineers, producers and artists who rightly settle for nothing but the best, Clear MG Professional studio headphones allow you to make decisions in your work which you can make with confidence.

Discover 'Clear MG Professional' from Focal

EXCEPTIONAL HEADPHONES FOR MUSIC CREATORSDiscover Clear Mg Professional, the new high-end open-back headphones from Focal. Professionals can count on the impressive design, comfort and extreme reliability of this tool, with its high-quality material and fast transfer.

The Tech Spec

Fit Style
Circumaural (Around the Ear)
Driver Size
Frequency Response
55 ohms
Cable Type
Cable Length
16.5 ft., 3.9 ft.
Replaceable Cable
Plug Size
1/4" plug