Focal Radiance (Sold Out)

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Focal Radiance

It is no secret that the French folks at Focal can produce nice-quality headphones. Focal has also been one of Bentley's preferred supplier in car audio for many years. To Honor this Franglais collaboration, both design teams joined forces to create a special edition headphone, the beautiful Focal Radiance.

This Radiance is based on the much-praised Focal Elegia headphones. The drivers are mostly identical and the form factor is also largely the same. The Focal Radiance is, just like the Elegia, a closed-back over-ear model that attenuates ambient noises and completely soaks you, as a listener, in a bubble of music. With these beautifully styled headphones you can enjoy music in audiophile perfection at home and on the go.

Designed with comfort

In styling the Focal Radiance, the design teams of Focal and Bentley worked closely together. The design of the headphones and the supplied carrying case are reflecting various subtle design elements that are derived from Bentley car interiors. The black colour, the gorgeous diamond-shaped design of the grilles that cover the ear cups, the Bentley design-features and subtle copper accents visually lift these headphones to the next level.

Focal’s build quality, fit and finish have been at summit level for many years and this Focal Radiance is no exception. By using premium-class materials, the headphones are beautiful to look at and the fit is sublime. Focal uses memory foam with which the ear shells form comfortably around the ear. The shells are then covered with a smooth leather skin which adds to an extra dimension in wearing comfort.

Premium sound quality

Just like the Elegia, this Radiance delivers a sound quality you initially would expect at a significantly higher price tag. These headphones sound spacious with a relatively wide staging and lots of depth. The definition and transparency with which music is played back is remarkably good.

The headphones deliver a sufficient push in the lower end of the sound spectrum, yet with these Radiance Focal managed to keep the bass perfect controlled, providing a more neutral tone than e.g. the warmer sounding Elegia. The midrange is a tad more upfront with which voices are well defined and sound nicely balanced. The hights feature a light roll-off, so music will never sound sharp or harsh, but open, airy and most refined.