Spirit Torino Radiante 1706 Special Edition Closed-Back - 4.4mm cable (Black) (Sold Out)

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The Radiante project contains a concentration of technological solutions that make it the most advanced closed headset on the market. This headphone, winner of the Gold Medal at the Headphone Festival in Tokyo 2019, tackles the complex issue of closed-end music reproduction using innovative technology.

External passive radiator

For the first time, an external passive radiator is used in a headset with the function of regulating the pressure inside the closed chamber.

Filtered pressure compensation duct

An acoustically filtered duct is used in the chamber of the pad to prevent pressure on the eardrum and ensure optimal sound insulation.

Partializer filter for fine-tuning.

A filter positioned in front of the drive allows changes in the frequency response by means of a rotation that partializes the open surfaces. This fine-tuning allows refining the sound reproduction according to the listener’s requirements or taste.


The passive radiator allows the headphone to simulate a larger load volume and to optimize the drive movement, ensuring a low-frequency response which typical of Spirit Torino headphones. The Radiante provides fast, powerful and controlled bass like no other closed-back headphone does.


We have developed the Radiante earpads in strict collaboration with Dekoni, the leading headphone earpads manufacturer. Shape, tilt, surface treatment … nothing has been left to chance. But the choice of materials is the real highlight of this project.

• Very finest leather for the side surfaces, identical to that used for headbands

• Alcantara for the part that rests on the ear.

Alcantara, besides being a product of excellence Made in Italy, guarantees an exceptional performance package: you will realize that when wearing the headphones for several hours.