Hiby R6 Pro Aluminium (Black) (Discontinued)

Product currently not available
*** International Version with Google Play

Aluminum Steel Chassis

Dual ES9028Q2M DACs
The dual ES9028Q2M DACs of the R6 Pro are coupled to the amplifiers in current mode output, providing unlimited power to the R6 pro to perfectly reproduce every nuance of the music and drive every pair of earphones to their utmost

Panasonic tantalum POSCAP capacitors
The power supply comprises 4 200µF and 6 47µF, in total 10 Panasonic tantalum POSCAPS. With incredibly low ESR, these capacitors make the power supply filtering stage more effective than ever for even more pure sound.

Elna professional audio capacitors from Japan
Also utilizing two 220µF Elna Duorex capacitors in the amplification stage, raising the transparency of the R6  Pro's output.

Amazon Music Ultra HD Support
Elevate your sound. HiBy is the first to support its Ultra HD streaming service on portable Android digital music players. Immerse yourself in the ultra High-Definition streaming from now on.

HiBy OS Enters the Android Oreo Era
Thanks to the latest Android 8.1 update, its intelligent audio system can better offer a smoother and comfortable HiFi music experience.

System-level MSEB Tuner
Straightforward and easy to use, everyone can be a tuning expert. MSEB is a combination of multiple algorithms based on parametric equalizer (PEQ) and sound field adjustments to attune to your preferences.

Incredible Design with High Quality Craftsmanship
A sleek and easy-to-grab design demonstrates the world-class craftsmanship with a Sharp 4.2″ high resolution IPS touchscreen, together with corning Gorilla Glass covering for both sides.
Japanese NIPPON DICS 4.4 Balance Base
Larger physical space for an upgraded reliability and immunity.

HiBy Link
Control and management your music files wirelessly with your mobile phone.
Full support for HD Bluetooth format
* The HWA Bluetooth format is only available through the HiBy music app. 

4000mAh Battery Capacity
60 minutes to 70% charge with QC3.0. 
Battery life: Play music for 8 hours with the balance port(32Ω) or for as long as 12 hours with a single port(32Ω). 
* In the condition that the Bluetooth, Wifi, display are off, with volume at 40, low gain, single loop 44.1kHz 16bit wav file.