Hiby R6Pro II (Gen2) (Pre-Order)

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Hiby R6Pro 2nd Generation (2023)

>All-New Exterior Design Scheme.

>Flagship-Grade Dual AK4499EX+AK4191EQ.

>Class A/AB Dual Amplification Circuit Design.

>Supports High-Resolution PCM(32-BIt/1536kHz) & Native DSD1024 Decoding.

>Full 16x MQA Decoding.

>Ultra-Low Jitter Femtosecond Precision Crystal Oscillators.

>Four-Section Independent Power Supply Design.

>Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC.

>Open Android 12 OS.

>Systemwide Bit-Perfect Architecture.

>Systemwide HiByCast Remote Control.

>Independent 3.5mm and 4.4mm Headphone & Line-Out Sockets.

>Two-Way Bluetooth Connection.

>5.9” Large 1080p Display Screen.

>USB DAC, Coaxial Digital Out, Line-Out Supported.

>5000mAh Large Battery.

Introducing the all-new HiBy R6 Pro II, an upgrade to the classic R6 Pro digital audio player from HiBy. R6 Pro II comes equipped with a flagship-grade DAC chipset featuring dual AK4499EX and AK4191EQ DAC chips. The player features a class A and AB dual-mode amplification chipset that is easily switchable. It’s a premium player that comes equipped with latest-generation hardware including Snapdragon 665SoC, open Android 12 OS, independent 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone and line-out ports, and many more features. The R6 Pro II supports decoding for high-resolution audio signals supporting PCM up to 32-Bit/1536kHz and DSD1024 signals natively. It’s a pocketable, compact player designed with a beautiful curvy pattern.

Outstanding Performance With Flagship DAC Arrangement:-

HiBy has featured a flagship-grade design architecture as the core part of R6 Pro II. The player adopts a new flagship DAC duo featuring AK4191EQ and dual AK4499EX DAC chips. The player has an all-in audio architecture featuring each AK4499EX chip for each channel each with their own I/V Conversion circuit for full potential performance.

Class A/AB Dual Amplification Circuits:-

HiBy R6 Pro II delivers an immensely clean and precise output with its professionally designed dual Amp circuits. It supports Class A and AB operating modes both of which are freely switchable. The Class A amp circuit is driven by Dual OPA1652 chips and 8 NXP bipolar transistors for zero crossover distortion and fast transient performance. Class AB mode has a longer playback time and lower-heat emissions as well

Ultra-Low Jitter NDK Femtosecond Precision Crystal Oscillators:-

HiBy has equipped dual femtosecond precision crystal oscillators onboard the R6 Pro II. They deliver outstanding performance with ultra-low phase noise and jitter control. You are greeted with excellent sound, exceptional clarity, and high dynamic range.

High-Resolution Audio Signal Decoding:-

HiBy R6 PRO II supports decoding for all leading PCM and DSD audio signals. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/1536kHz PCM signals and native DSD1024 signals. It also has support for full 16X MQA Signal decoding and rendering. This is a small high-resolution audio powerhouse that you can carry in your pocket.

Open Android 12 OS with Systemwide High-Resolution Audio Performance:-

The R6 Pro II comes loaded with open Android 12 OS. It supports native high-resolution audio signal decoding throughout the system, uses any application on Android, and gets enhanced audio performance with enhanced decoding and amplification.

Output & Line-Out Function:-

HiBy R6 Pro II portable audio player features independent 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone output and line-output ports. The device also provides coaxial, USB, and Bluetooth digital output support as well.

Stunning Design, Two Colour Options:-

HiBy R6 Pro II digital audio player has a stunning new design. The player looks sleek and stunning with bold asymmetrical lines for the chassis. The player is available in striking Purple and Midnight Black color options.