Cayin N6ii E02 Audio Module (Like New)

Cayin N6ii E02 Audio Module Dual ES9038Q2M DACs Class AB - 4.4mm Balanced NOTE: Will Ship in an E01 box as new with screws and screwdriver.
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The Cayin E02 is the fourth audio motherboard/audio module for the Cayin N6ii after, A01,T01, andE01. The E02 is similar to the E01 audio module, the E02 is based on high-quality flagship DAC from Sabre Technologies, the ES9038Q2M. The E01 featured one single ES9038Pro chip while the E02 features dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips in a balanced manner. The E02 it has a single 4.4mm Balanced port that also acts as a line out port. Technical Specifications of Cayin E02 Audio Motherboard:- > High-performance Dual DAC setup, featuring dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips. >Four Way I/V Conversion. >Four Way Discrete Component Powerful Amplification. >Output Power PO:- 600mW at 32 Ohms load, 137mW at 150 Ohms load, and 69mW at 300 Ohms load. >Three Level Line out mode, High, Medium, Low. >Output Power LO:- 4.1V @ 10k Ohm load, High. 3.2V @ 10k Ohm Load, Medium. 2.1V @ 10k load, Low. >THD+N: 0.001%. >Dynamic Range: 121dB. >Signal to Noise Ratio: 121dB. >Separation: 106dB. >Battery Life of up to 9.5 hours. Powerful Dual DAC Setup:- The Cayin E02 features a powerful dual DAC setup from Sabre Technologies, featuring two ES9038Q2M DACs. Its chipset decodes your music in a completely balanced manner with four-way I/V conversion and four-way Class A and B headset power amplification circuit. The Motherboard has a powerful and clean sound output that is completely noise-free.