NPAudio - Sony WM1A/Z EXPMv4 (Balanced Only)

Take your Sony WM1A/Z to the ultimate endgame level. Note: No single ended on this one, the 3.5mm is a 4 pole balances out.
Delivery time: 12 working days
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Sony WM1A/Z EXPMv4 (Extreme Performance Mod v4)

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You will need to send your WM1A/Z to npaudio for modification. From time to time pre-modded units will be offered on sale.

The Extreme Performance Mod v4 includes:
  • 3.5mm is now a 4 pole balanced out and upgraded with Neotech 7N OCC Solid Copper)
  • Neotech 7N OCC Solid Copper to a new Pentaconn 4.4mm
  • 20 AWG 7N OCC Solid Copper (ground return and main power cap)
  • Both 3.5mm and 4.4mm outputs powered directly from the balanced inductors
  • Relay removal, bypass and *board cut to allow for larger caps
  • Single Ended caps upgraded to Audio Note Standard
  • *Larger balanced out Audio Notes bicapped with Kemet ultra low ESR High Polymer caps.
  • Twin Supercharged! An additional SuperCap installed.
  • The very best Audio Note Kaisei and Audio Note Standard caps (16 Caps replaced + 8 Additional) The main power cap is 10 times the physical size of the stock cap, *balanced out caps are 12 times larger and the others 3 to 4 times.
  • SS47 Solder (Contains Silver)
  • Custom Laser cut copper full back plate for better shielding, grounding and higher clearance for larger caps.
  • Internal - Relocation of Bluetooth Antenna
  • 4000 mah Battery (over double the stock 1860mah Battery) to achieve upto 50 hours playback
  • A custom Audio Note version of Mr Walkmans One Firmware
  • A region tool/chart explaining the sound signature of each region

Relays removed.

Circuit board cut, power cap installed.

Single Ended caps upgraded also.
Shielding cut to accommodate an extra Supercap.

Twin Supercap.

Bluetooth antenna moved to the screen side.

Neotech 7N OCC Flat cable.

4100mah Battery.

Laser cut copper backplate.

Stock look.

Back is slightly raised compared to stock.

Note: Price is for the modification only, you will need to send your WM1A/Z to npaudio.