Luxury & Precision P6 Discrete R2R (Discontinued)

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Luxury Precision P6 Discrete R2R

The original

The whole machine is equivalent to the use of 2 PCM1704K chips ideal dynamic, SNR 118dB.

The modified

The whole machine is equivalent to the use of 4 PCM1704K chips ideal dynamic, SNR 120dB. Increase circuit area, accommodate more resistors and components, improve hearing and dynamics.

All new

The whole machine is equivalent to 8 PCM1704K chips ideal dynamic, SNR 123dB, Bluetooth audio with protocol stack, more FPGA LUT. Improved listening and dynamics, improved operability and ease of use, increased and optimized Bluetooth audio.

Full resistance network, discrete R2R DAC

Innovative 24 Bit full resistance network discrete R2R DAC portable player.

One over ten thousand

Hundreds of one-millionth of a resistor carefully selected to form a discrete R2R DAC network.

R2R the beautiful sound can also burst

The whole machine is equivalent to using 8 PCM1704K chips in parallel for ideal dynamics, and R2R the beautiful sound can also burst.

0 background noise

The SNR of the whole machine is higher than 123dB, 0 background noise, and good news to low resistance balanced armature earphones.

Simple non-touch operating system

Less interference, less power consumption, leaving more power for artificial circuits.

Optimize Bluetooth with protocol stack

A normal Bluetooth clock is a clock that is recovered after parsing data received wireless. The Bluetooth clock of P6 is directly generated by the stop-moment crystal vibration of P6 processed by FPGA, and then the parsed audio data is aligned to the accurate clock generated by FPGA and sent to DAC for lower jitter.

Volume control system

Self-developed lossless - electronic switch matrix volume control system, lower signal loss, easier to use.

The original sound reproduction

Full resistance PCM,DSD native decoding, original sound reproduction.

Architecture advantages, sound characteristics

Because of the advantages of the R2R architecture and the flexibility of the discrete components, the sound of the P6 can be particularly fresh and natural, delicate and mellow.

Sound is the whole pursuit of P6

Although the thrust is great, it is particularly friendly to the earphones. In particular, it enhances the control of the balanced armature earphones while meeting the demand of high output current, and it also needs to achieve a natural stretch of hearing.


Model: P6

Dimensions/weight: 124x67.3x20mm/248g

Display 3.5-inch, IPS screen, resolution 480x320

Body material: aviation aluminum

Rear cover: glass

Main control: 1812C

DAC: Fully discrete R2R decoding

Crystal oscillator: Low phase noise -160dB active crystal oscillator

Op amp: EXCELS V-O


Inductance: low internal resistance large current metal alloy inductance

Button: ALPS

Capacity: 64GB 24 Bit ECC FLASH

Support extended capacity: 512GB micro SD card (TF)