NPAudio - AMP12EXN2 Upgrade

This is an upgrade only, the AMP12 is not included.
Delivery time: 12 working days
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Opamp Upgrade
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DX300 DX320 AMP12EXN2 Upgrade

17 x Kemet KO Tantalum Polymer 25 mΩ ESR
1 x Kemet KO Tantalum Polymer 15 mΩ ESR
6 x Audio Note Kaisei Electrolytic
1 x Jupiter Cosmos Electrolytic
2 x Amtrans AMCG Polypropylene Film
3 x Amtrans AMCH Copper Polypropylene Film
1 x Kemet SMR Polyphenylene Sulphide Film
1 x  Rubicon PMLCAP Polymer Multi-Layer Film

Optional Opamp Upgrades (Replacing 4 stock Ti opamps, model unknown)

Option 1:
4 x OPA1655 opamps

Option 2:
4 x ADA4625-1 opamps

* Your AMP12 will need to be sent in to modify (or ask if we have any in stock)