NPAudio - AMP12EXN-S Upgrade

This is an upgrade only, the AMP12 is not included.
Delivery time: 12 working days
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Opamp Upgrade
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DX300 DX320 AMP12EXN-S Upgrade

17 x Kemet KO Tantalum Polymer 25 mΩ ESR
1 x Kemet KO Tantalum Polymer 15 mΩ ESR
6 x Audio Note Kaisei Electrolytic
1 x Jupiter Cosmos Electrolytic
3 x Solen Silver Sound Polypropylene
2 x Amtrans AMCH Copper Polypropylen Film
1 x Kemet SMR Polyphenylene Sulphide Film
1 x  Rubicon PMLCAP Polymer Multi-Layer Film

Optional Opamp Upgrades (Replacing 4 stock Ti opamps, model unknown)
Option 1:
4 x OPA1655 opamps
Option 2:
4 x ADA4625-1 opamps

* Your AMP12 will need to be sent in to modify (or ask if we have any in stock)

* Please note: depending on stock availability, Audio Note Kaisei may be replaced with the identical sounding Audio Note Seiryu.

Audio Note Seiryu differ only in their leg construction (and of course colour)

Seiryu legs
Tin plating over copper plated steel (Like most other caps)
Attachment is automated on Rubycons machines.

Kaisei legs
Tin Plating over copper.
As copper is softer they are a little thicker and not compatible with Rubycons machines so they require attaching by hand.
This is why stock takes such a long time to replenish (1-2 months)