NPAudio - Brise Audio Tsuranagi Upgrade

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1000uf Electrolytic replaced with 2200uf Audio Note Kaisei
Bypasses with 0.1uf Vishay MKP1837 film
8 x low profile 100uf tantalum replace with 8 x larger sized 150uf 16v Kemet Tantalum Polymer ultra low ESR.

0.1uf Kemet SMR Film added to 2 series Tantalum 47uf (23.5uf)

Removed all unnecessary input/output wiring socket circuit boards and switch.
-L and -R where actually fed through that switch.

Clean wired direct to 2 x new 4.4mm sockets using Neotech OCC solid silver for signal and Neotech OCC solid copper for ground.
Added internal wire shielding and battery shielding.

Blocked off holes for the removed switch and 2.5mm / 3.5mm sockets.