NPAudio - Brise Audio Tsuranagi Upgrade

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1000uf Electrolytic replaced with 2200uf Audio Note Kaisei
Bypasses with 0.1uf Vishay MKP1837 film
8 x low profile 100uf tantalum replace with 8 x larger sized 150uf 16v Kemet Tantalum Polymer ultra low ESR.

0.1uf Kemet SMR Film added to 2 series Tantalum 47uf (23.5uf)

Removed all unnecessary input/output wiring socket circuit boards and switch.
-L and -R where actually fed through that switch.

Clean wired direct to 2 x new 4.4mm sockets using Neotech OCC solid silver for signal and Neotech OCC solid copper for ground.

(Also option to re-use the Brise Audio silver wire for SC owners)

Added internal wire shielding and battery shielding.
Blocked off holes for the removed switch and 2.5mm / 3.5mm sockets.