NPAudio - WM1A/Z EXPMv5 Upgrade

Please note: The WM1A/Z is not included, you will need to send yours in to be modified. This modification is for the original WM1A and WM1Z only NOT the WM1AM2 and WM1ZM2.
Delivery time: 14 working days
Product currently not available

NPAudio WM1A/Z EXPMv5 (Extreme Performance Mod v5)

Double thickness shielding / grounding over the amplifier section. (Stock WM1A/Z is plastic)

3.5mm Single Ended cables upgraded with Neotech 7N OCC solid copper cable.

Neotech 7N OCC solid copper to a new Pentaconn 4.4mm (Ground connection also added)

Neotech 7N OCC solid copper (ground return)

Both 3.5mm and 4.4mm outputs connected directly directly to the inductors bypassing relays and IC switching

Relay removal, bypass and circuit board precision cut to allow for larger caps

Single Ended caps upgraded to Audio Note Standard

Balanced out using Audio Note Kaisei Bipolar bicapped with ultra low ESR Kemet KO caps.

Twin Supercharged! An additional SuperCap installed for a total of 1 Farad

Capacitors: Audio Note Kaisei and Standard, Kemet Tantalum Polymer, Kemet SMC film.

SS47 Solder (Contains 4.7% Silver)

2 x custom laser cut back plates for improved shielding and grounding.

The outer backplate has a leather effect coating with a gold Walkman logo.

Internal relocation of Bluetooth Antenna

3200 mah Battery (stock battery is 1860mah Battery)

An NPAudio customised MrWalkman ONE firmware with new gold GUI