Shanling M6 Pro (Discontinued)

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Fifth generation design. On the strictly symmetrical fuselage, a new touch of matte glass, and the screen plus the rounded mountain R angle, make the calm and atmospheric “Virgo” M6 Pro a little more vivid.

AG matte frosting process. The tempered frosted glass has a delicate and dry skin feel. Beauty, not only visible, but also the soft touch that I couldn’t help but touch.

Mountain spirit classic wheel design. In the process of inheritance, disruptive upgrade. The new in-line design can beautify the appearance while reducing false touches. High-quality shaft body brings a stronger sense of paragraph, crisp and crisp when pressed.

720P Sharp IPS display. 4.7 inches, tempered glass panel, 16 million colors, On Cell capacitive touch screen, nano anti-fingerprint oleophobic layer. High-definition vision, making music more vivid.

The glorious light is clear at a glance. Each Bluetooth coding protocol corresponds to different colors of light. Interpret the shape of sound with fluorescent lights to make the connection status clearly visible.

Double Hi-Res audio certification. M6 Pro has obtained “Hi-Res Audio” certification from the Japan Audio Association, and also supports “Hi-Res Wireless Audio” wireless high-resolution certification. Wired or wireless, both have good sound quality.

In addition to the exquisite and beautiful appearance, the M6 Pro also has dual AK4497 EQ DAC, Low / High / Turbo Gain switching, single and dual DAC switching, AGLO audio technology, 4-way fully balanced amp circuit, CPAF low-pass filter technology and other hard core strengths.

Shanling M6 Pro AGLO Audio Architecture

We all know (it does not matter if you don’t know), there are multiple sampling rate standards for digital audio, such as 44.1KHz, 88.2KHz, 768KHz, etc., but DAC Interruptions or noise will occur when switching between different sampling rates. Therefore, a traditional mobile phone or computer will convert all different audio sources to the same sampling rate and then mix them, and then send them to the DAC for processing.

This is SRC (sampling rate conversion), a reasonable and annoying existence that sacrifices high-fidelity sound quality for multi-threaded audio work. So, as an Android player with a double small gold label, how does the M6 Pro handle audio?

The Shanling Acoustics team deeply optimized and customized the new AGLO – Android global lossless audio architecture. In this audio framework, the audio signals output by the M6 Pro’s built-in mountain music app, USB DAC, and third-party music apps you downloaded (such as Netease Cloud, QQ, Kugou Music, etc.) will completely bypass the Android system itself.

The SRC channel directly through the rail-to-rail channel to the HAL (hardware abstraction layer), while using FPGA coding technology with independent intellectual property rights to provide more accurate clock signals, high-standard sampling rate PCM data output and DSD decoding.

In this way, bypassing the Android SRC limitation, the M6 Pro can be output at the native sampling rate, coupled with the CPAF low-pass filtering technology developed by Shanling and the new OP + BUF audio architecture, the M6 Pro can be fully fired.

In fact, when the M6 was launched in Japan earlier, it was widely praised for its perfect adaptation to third-party software such as Amazon Music HD and its ability to bypass the Android SRC limit output and ultra-high-definition lossless sound quality. However, Shanling did not publicize too much at that time. At that time, the Japanese VGP team, who was visiting Shanling, praised AGLO even more, hoping that the excellent technology could be understood by more users.

Shanling M6 Pro Full Specifications
Design: Fifth generation family design, new R angle in the screen, AG frosted glass
Configuration: Snapdragon 430CPU 4G RAM + 32G ROM
Decoding chip (DAC): AK4497EQ DAC × 2, single-ended output can switch single / dual DAC mode
Analog circuit: OPA1662 (LPF) + ADA4610-2 (OP) + BUF634 × 2 (BUF), brand new OP + BUF architecture amp circuit, 4-channel LPF with 4-channel amp to form a fully balanced output
System: open Android system / pure sound system, two modes can be switched freely
Hi-Fi cloud music library: Mountain Spirit The Music App comes with a genuine Hi-Fi cloud song library, which can support up to 96kHz / 24bit file downloads
AGLO technology: unique by ShanLing, breaking through the Android SRC limit to achieve global lossless HD output
Output: 3.5 mm + 2.5 mm + 4.4 mm full output port
Gain: low / high / ultra-high hardware switching three gains
Screen: Sharp 720P HD display
Format support: up to PCM 32bit / 768kHz file and DSD256 hard solution
Battery life: 13 hours (single-end-single DAC mode) 9 hours (single-end-dual DAC mode) 8 hours (balanced mode)
Bluetooth: two-way Bluetooth 4.2 (two-way: LDAC, SBC only transmit: HWA, aptX HD, aptX)
WiFi: 2.4G / 5G dual-band Wi-Fi support

Shanling M6 Pro Detailed Specifications
Weight: 244g
Size: 133.5 mm * 71.5 mm * 17.5 mm
Power supply (adapter): DC5V / 2A
Storage method: external TF card with maximum capacity supporting 512G expansion
Battery capacity: 4000 mAH, support QC3.0 fast charge

Output power: 19mW @ 32Ω (low gain) 47mW @ 32Ω (high gain) 200mW @ 32Ω (ultra high gain)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 121 dB
Channel separation : 75 dB (32 Ω)
dynamic range: 121dB
THD + N: <0.0009%
Output impedance: <1Ω

Output power: 56mW @ 32Ω (low gain) 141mW @ 32Ω (high gain) 600mW @ 32Ω (ultra high gain)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 123 dB
Channel separation: 110 dB (32 Ω)
Dynamic range: 123dB
THD + N: <0.0011%
Output impedance: <2Ω