YinLvMei A2 (Black) (Sold Out)

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AK4497 DAC
A2 uses 2 piece AK4497 DAC chips to improve resolution, density and resolution. The peripheral uses 14x 100UF + 4 x 220UF Panasonic low-ESR polymer tantalum capacitors and 2x OPA1642 to achieve high-quality fully balanced output.

Customized opamp and power tube
A2 uses customized special tuning dual op amps + 8x power tubes. Working in Class A state, the sound is warm and delicate, and has 4 gain adjustments to achieve full compatibility of high, medium and low impedance headphones, and the headphone port uses NEC High quality relay.

Quad-core 64-bit MTK processor
Based on the A1S, A2 has replaced a new platform and upgraded the MTK processor. It runs 200% faster and ensures smooth control.

Asynchronous USB processor with High-precision clock
A2 has a built-in asynchronous USB chip SA9227, which realizes digital rearrangement and exclusive output. With 3 high-precision low-jitter clock crystals, the clock is more accurate and the sound quality is more advanced. SA9227 can also be used as a professional USB DAC.

PGA4311 volume system
A2 uses the most luxurious volume control system-digital analog volume, which solves the problem of low volume deviation and short life of traditional analog potentiometers, and avoids the problem of pure digital volume compression dynamics.

Adopt Texas Instruments PGA4311UA quadruple volume chip (full balanced architecture). The chip is a high-precision laser resistor array, high precision, low distortion and low noise, and is powered by Texas Instruments ’dual power chip, which makes the A2 have a very high level of sound quality.